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Formation en Sophrologie en Gironde

what is the


Created in the 1960s, sophrology aims to improve our quality of life by helping us find serenity thanks to a clever mix of yoga, hypnosis and breathing techniques. 

Zen burnout sophrologie relaxation en Aquitaine

The main principles of


Sophrology is considered a brief therapy.

However, it can be practiced in the long term if the patient feels the need.

It can therefore be combined with hypnosis.

Bienfaits sur le corps et l'esprit

Benefits for body and mind

Sophrology aims to highlight the positive emotions felt by the patient. Whether on a personal or professional level, the practitioner guides us and helps us feel better.

The prerequisites of the profession of sophrologist

  • Good listening skills and empathy

  • adaptability

  • benevolence and non-judgment in all circumstances

  • respect for the code of ethics of the profession / ethics / moral sense

  • rigor in the methods of application of the method

  • pedagogical qualities and ability to transmit in a perspective of empowerment of the accompanied person.


for who ?

  • individuals and communities (companies, associations, etc.)

  • in office, on the go

  • management of problems related to pain, stress, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep, concentration, addiction concerns, maternity support, relaxation exercises in the context of a sporting activity, etc.

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