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Soft skills are essential today, they are also called behavioral skills, generic skills. These are transversal and transferable skills.

A soft skill is both a quality and an ability used on a daily basis at work and in social life. We are not talking about technical skills linked exclusively to a profession in the sense of specialized professional practices, but about much broader, more strategic, systemic and relational skills than it seems. 

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and if corporate behavior...

We often oppose soft skills (knowing how to be) and Hard skills (knowing how to do) when they are complementary and essential to each other. Nowadays, both recruiters and partners pay more attention to it. Part of our soft skills come from our education and our experiences learned according to our personality. Everything that we lack and what we can improve in our intellectual, gestural, emotional, social behaviors... are part of the soft skills that are acquired and learned.

what if training were different...

Training in soft skills can be offered in different ways: in the classroom in a theory-practice alternation, in an experiential situation through the exercise of an art or a new practice, or even outdoors in relation to codes of communication and different behaviors as with the horse, the dog or any other living being.

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Indeed, in the context of training or coaching, the relationship between the animal and the human makes it possible to reveal more quickly our functioning and its effects, and to be able in a few sessions in partnership with the animal ( horses or dogs) to develop our skills and focus on areas for improvement.

It is undoubtedly a revolution in the world of work and professional training today, a new conception of management directly oriented towards collaboration, commitment, recognition and co-leadership. Soft skills are essential points of reference today.


We often talk about equicoaching, because of the historical link that exists between the horse and the human. As part of this skill development format, the horse captures the slightest emotion, as well as the finest expression to react like a living mirror according to the capacities and intentions implemented by the participants. The link between soft skills training and equicoaching is real, it is just as real with cani coaching because of the historical link that also exists between dogs and humans. Thus, a training or a coaching session assisted by the animal allows in a few sessions to explore avenues and find solutions in an operational, visible, logical and playful way, by optimizing the regulation of stress and the mastery of communication not verbal


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les soft skills deviennent des compétences stratégiques et génériques recherchées.

Les formations et les accompagnements de types coaching proposent de vivre des expériences apprenantes en partenariat avec des animaux dans le respect du bien-être animal en utilisant des techniques de coaching, préparation mentale, d'hypnose, enseignements tirés  des arts martiaux.

Aujourd'hui, les demandes de formation et de coaching pour révéler son potentiel sont de plus en plus nombreuses , les demandes sont de plus en plus tournées vers le développement des compétences comportementales ( Soft Skills)  .

L'aide des animaux  cheval ou chien  permet  d'accélérer le processus.

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