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Professional pathway

State-certified and RNCP-certified coach, member of the Société des Coaches de l'Université Panthéon-Assas and of the International Coaching Federation EMCC, also a graduate of several university Masters in economics-management, psychology, HR management and engineering skills… my multidisciplinary career   integrates the individual, the group and the organization and also the relationship with the animal, Equicoaching, equitherapy. Sen no Sen Performance, a DataDock training organization declared to the DIRECCTE, offers training, seminars and conferences. Sen no Sen Performance is also a firm of coaching, research-intervention in ergonomics and consulting in strategy and organizational transformation.

University degrees


  • University degrees

  • Master 2 Economics Management Sciences "Coaching in business

  • Master 2 DFSSU Psychological Sciences “Psychotherapy and clinical psychopathology”.

  • DUS 3rd university cycle in basic and biomedical sciences “Biological psychosocial aspects of   stress”

  • Master 2 STAPS INSEP "Training in High Level Sport and training engineering".

  • Master 2 DESS Human Resources Management "Training process and skills development - Project management".

  • State diploma of certified professional coach - RNCP title "Individual, team and company coaching" - EMCC Fédération Internationale de Coaching

  • DEPM "Psychology of performance and mental preparation" - SFPS French Society of Sport Psychology

  • Master 1 Master in education and training sciences   "Training of trainers and team management".

Professional training diplomas in management - psychology

  • Teaching diploma: hypnosis, NLP, coaching, strategic systemic.

  • Practitioner-trainer diploma: Process Communication, Management (TO).

  • Diploma: Horsmanship 1 & 2 and Equicoaching

Professional State diplomas of Performance Director and Coach - Sports Manager

  • DESJEPS Department of Organizations and Management of Performance and Training Projects

  • DES Sambo – Black belt 5th dan 

  • DE Judo Jiu-Jitsu - Black belt 3rd dan

  • CQP “Disabilities” physical, sensory, motor and mental

  • BF2 Coach MMA 

  • BF2 Pankration Trainer - Black Grade 

  • BF2 Muay Thai Boxing Trainer 

  • BF2 Trainer Kung-Fu Sanda Boxing and Chinese Wrestling 

  • BF2 Olympic Wrestling Coach - Black Mastery 

  • BF1 Grappling Trainer - Black Grade 

  • DE HACUMESE Physical Preparation - Weightlifting Athletic Strength

  • DE BEAECPC Fitness and Fitness Professions 

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