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My multiple trainings in several centers have allowed me to understand and teach a method based on several techniques, its methodology will allow you to quickly find lasting solutions to complex or not, psychological or relational problems.

Intervening in the clinical, social or corporate world, this approach will allow you to understand individual or collective problems  encounters  (burn-out, harassment, relationship problems, organizational change).

This distance training is made up of a set of modules divided into three study cycles and a fourth module for face-to-face sharing.

Have the resources to provide effective and efficient therapeutic assistance to the psychological and relational suffering of patients. 

This approach focuses on the resolution of psychological and relational problems oriented on the present in all types of contexts (problems relating to oneself, to others or to the world in general).

Therapeutic intervention aims at a concrete objective of change and is based on a fundamental concept: the cessation of attempts at a solution.

The practitioner uses strategies to make the patient live concrete emotional experiences of change, which will allow him to find a new solution.

This training starts from the difficulties of the therapists faced with the resistance to change of their patients in the current therapeutic processes (ex: difficult relationship with the patient, difficult relational environments of the patients which influence the therapeutic process, difficulties in observing medical prescriptions, management of complaints from patients and their entourage, etc). 

Méthode Mental Dojo coaching



 D ojo



Make better use of your potential, free yourself from conflicts and blockages
Resolve relationship and psychological issues

The model for this method comes from my learning and practices in systemic and  experiences in strategy  nés  from my various experiences as a top athlete level then of my training and experiences in psychopathology, mental preparation, hypnosis, sophrology, NLP, and my knowledge of the human.

This Method is intended to be non-normative, non-psychologizing and empowering; it solicits the active participation of the person with a view to lasting change, like a real Coach.

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