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What is NLP?

Neurolinguistic programming   is a recent discipline, the results of which are synthesized in the "NLP practitioner" training.

One of the interests of training is to gain ease and efficiency in one's job: NLP training aims to obtain skills that lead to a gain in motivation, commitment, influence, and can greatly evolve a project.

Réunion occasionnelle

Failure does not exist: either we succeed or we learn ! Imitating the strategies of those who are successful achieves the same results.

All events occur for a precise and useful reason:  there is no coincidence and in  all misfortune is good.
Synchronization is the royal road to success:  whether it's therapy, emotional relationships, in the world of work. It is she who makes it possible to be sympathetic and to gain the confidence of the greatest number. The ability to obtain bonds of sympathy is perhaps the greatest wealth of this world. How to create sympathy ? Thanks to  the mirror effect.


Programming :  everything we have experienced leads each person to  develop certain routines, habits or automatisms. These habits are essential and are there  to help us. Very often, they can be an obstacle. “  The habit begins with a silk thread and ends with a steel cable ”. This proverb illustrates well that our automatisms can play in our favor or against us.

Neuro :  all information is stored in our neurons.

Linguistics :  because words reflect our thoughts, our emotions, our language to a large extent expresses how we perceive the world.

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